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The Clark Kent Syndrome

Tom Ford Eyewear

Tom Ford Eyewear

Aug. 29, 2011 – What do your eyeglasses say about you?  If you don’t have an answer then perhaps you are wearing the wrong glasses.  Or, perhaps you are wearing the wrong attitude.  Here in the U.S. eyeglasses are still treated largely as a utility rather than an important piece of who we are but that face is changing.  I have now spent over 20 years marrying frames and faces and I am proud to be a part of the eyewear revolution that says, “Look at me, I’m in glasses and I’m amazing.”

Your eyewear selection process should not be painful.  Great eyewear is the quickest face and attitude lift money can buy and you should embrace it as an extension of who you want to be to the world.  Big names in music, TV and movies have long embraced eyeglasses as part of their signature looks and so we find iconic eyewear styles that conjure famous faces easily to our minds.  There is a big pair of black specs that mark the road near the crash site where Buddy Holly died.  Why?  Because Buddy Holly owned that look fully during a time when eyeglass selection was really limited.  He made B.C. glasses look cool and thanks to his cool factor we revere that look today as a much sought after iconic look of yesteryear.

John Lennon’s name will forever be synonymous with his round metal specs.  George Burns was known for his round black plastic frames.  Lenny Kravitz has become the icon of the new age of aviator sunglasses.  Gregory Peck has a signature pair of eyeglasses named after him this year from his role in To Kill a Mockingbird.  Tom Cruise made Ray Ban an unstoppable force in the sunglass world in both Risky Business and Top Gun.  Sir Elton John keeps his fans waiting to see his next pair of awesome specs.  Even our beloved fictional Clark Kent has his own signature look that has turned into the “geek chic” look we so love today.

Eyewear is an important tool no doubt but this tool can and should go way beyond seeing well and should embody the “be seen” inside you.  I teach my clients everyday that it is time to stop walking around in eyeglasses that could belong to “anyone USA”.  Start by identifying your unique traits and best features.  Cast off your inner Clark Kent that has been hiding behind your eyeglasses and set your inner Superman free through the art of great eyewear.

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