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What is the “American Dream”

I have a dream_0September 2011 – As a child growing up in this country I was asked to write an essay stating what it means to be an American and how would I define the “American Dream”. Interestingly enough my response to those questions today as a small business owner and entrepreneur are very much in line with my fourth grade response. What we have sought as a united people from the dawn of this country is freedom to live, do and be all we can be.

Just as when you are a child under your parent’s rule your natural instinct is to break free and find your individual self while holding true to those around you that lift you up and help you along the way. It is that seeking of individuality that is at the core of what it means to be an American living the “American Dream”. Each of us at our very core are motivated by our own self interest, which is not selfishness but rather self motivating, and it is what helps us fill in the gaps and provide for the needs of others through our own interests and strengths.

If our parents or say, our government is asked to provide for us then we are subject to their will.  However, as we grow in a “free” society we ideally learn to accept responsibility for ourselves and to accept the consequences of our own actions and we become less bound by parental or government will. When we ask the government to do less and stretch our wings as self sufficient “free” people then we can demand that they take less.   Let’s stop being fooled into giving up our freedom to use our individual strengths freely one good cause at a time.  We can either choose to stretch our wings and fly like eagles or we can allow our wings to be bound under the weight of others doing for us what we ourselves should be doing.  We the people must stop saying, “Someone should do something about that.”   We must remember the importance and power of our individual strengths and be willing to be that someone.

The power of the “American Dream” is in our hands. You have the power born inside you, the question is have you lost your will to awaken.

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