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Drawer Pulls and Shower Curtains

Did you know you can use drawer knobs and pulls and shower curtains to decorate a room and end up with creative sophisticated style on a budget?  Ingenuity and a tight budget has led me to use some unconventional decorating methods to get great room style for less.

Decorating Dilemma #1.  Ordinary, inexpensive wall hooks are boring.  I wanted a series of wall “hooks” to hang small goods from in my first retail shop.   I bought clearance drawer pull knobs at $1 a piece, painted them, cut the head off the screws and screwed them into plastic wall anchors directly into the wall. The result was a series of really cool custom looking wall hooks that cost me less than $10 (including the can of paint) and some sweat equity.  I used this method again to hang art on the walls from grosgrain ribbons and later I recycled them to dress up an old chest of drawers in one of my baby rooms.  I just added new screws and Voila!

Decorating Dilemma #2.  Silver cabinet knobs that need updating.  I wanted to dress up existing silver hardware on my cabinet doors and all of the “decorator” knobs that I really liked were very expensive.  I bought a great looking fabric scrap for next to nothing at the fabric shop.  I cut out rounds big enough to cover the head of the knob and I hot glue gunned a new colorful top onto each of my door knobs.  The result was so cool looking that I was constantly having to tell clients wanting to buy them right off my doors how to do it for themselves.
Decorating Dilemma #3.  Window curtains and hardware is expensive.  For this dilemma I have employed two different solutions:
First, in one room I made a scarf out of several yards of fabric that was on sale as end of bolt remains.  I screwed cheap brass drawer pulls (the kind that hang in a u shape from the drawer) to each side of the top of the window and pulled the fabric through to make a bun of sorts at each corner completely hiding the drawer pull and let the rest of the fabric swag in the middle and drape down the sides.  The result, a custom, high end window treatment that cost me $25.
curtains-24Second, in my second retail shop, hair salon and baby rooms I employed the use of cool shower curtains as trendy window treatments and room dividers.  Shower curtains cost about a fraction of what good curtain panels cost and come in an amazing variety of graphics, colors and patterns.  The thing you need to know about shower curtains is that most of them are 72″x72″ so they are only appropriate for informal rooms as the curtains will not reach the floor.  Recently I decorated the salon on the second floor of my shop and needed a window treatment that would allow the light to come in but would reduce the intensity of the afternoon sun.  I found an amazing vinyl curtain that was clear with white silhouettes of iconic buildings all over it.  I hung a black iron decorative rod and then strung two shower curtain panels over the rod with cheap clear shower hooks.  The result is a cool light filtering subtle graphic that makes you look twice.  The best part is this one is completely “wipe clean” and go.
I used fabric shower curtains in several of the other windows and rooms in my life and I love how durable, washable and fun these curtains have turned out to be. I hope this has helped inspire your own ingenuity.  When it comes to decorating nothing is off limits and your imagination should rule the day.  Your pocketbook will thank you and your friends will want to know all your style secrets.
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