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RedCarpetNightAugust 2008 – Sometimes, it is difficult to say goodbye.  Sir Elton has written that, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”  but a case could be made that goodbye is perhaps even more so.  I am fortunate to work in an environment that allows me to frequently meet many beautiful, strong people.  Each meeting of life on this earth no matter how brief is an opportunity to touch and be touched by others in a positive, life altering way.  Gandhi is quoted as saying, “…be the change you wish to see in the world.” I believe that God hopes for this from all of us and gave us the example of Jesus to live by.

When I meet people who are genuinely good people I am blessed by the light of grace and selflessness that emanates from them.  As a result I carry a piece of our meeting stamped forever in my life to pass on to others like a beacon of hope for all of life’s pitfalls.  This process of receiving the blessings of others and passing them on is our role in life “to be the change” being fulfilled.

If you have ever watched the show “Who do you Think you Are” you have seen the unbroken invisible chain that threads our lives from our ancestors.  It is not just blood lines that carry us but the gifts and aid from others as well.

God has planted the seeds of positive change in all of us.  When our seeds have all been sewn God grants us rest from the burdens of this earth with the joy of knowing and watching those seeds spread on the wind of God’s breath through the many lives we have touched, no matter how brief.  I am so very grateful that I work in an environment where people plant seeds of joy in me daily, giving me the opportunity to share them with others.  And so the world keeps turning and goodbye becomes less difficult knowing our light may be carried by others to infinity.

“The delicate wings of life are made from the gossamer of butterfly wings.  We soar on the breath of God with the daily opportunity to touch others with our God given inner beauty and grace.  And when our journey proves to be too much for our delicate wings and our purpose of life is fulfilled God grants us the blessing of resting in his greatness and to soar beyond the confines of this world on the sweetness of his breath forever.”  -Paige Buscema, 2008

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